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Hochiki Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.


From Conventional to Analogue Addressable Systems available for commercial and industrial applications. Hochiki also has arange of products for more specialised environments, including aspirating and voice evacuation systems. Especially for demanding environments, Hochiki can offer industrial, explosion-proof and marine approved products which have been designed especially for challenging applications.The Fire Alarm System frAom Hochiki Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. offers complete solutions for all of your fire detection requirements.

Established in 1918, Hochiki has over 90 years expertise in fire detection gaining widespread acceptance as the benchmark for high-intergrity and long-term reliability across the world.

With its core philosophy dedicated to improving life safety, Hochiki continually invests in R&D, testing and manufacturing procedures to offer the most innovative and efficientsolutions. In addition, with the largest test laboratory in the world, hochiki is able to test products under real fire conditions. All of these procedures ensure optimum performance and long-term reliability of products.

Acknowledged globally by system specifiers and integrators as an international market leader in the manufacture of fire products, the main benefits of using Hochiki are

  • High quality of products ensure long term reliability
  • Easy to install
  • Virtual elimination of false alarms
  • Compliance to standards
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Open Protocol for choice and flexibility

About Us


Since the 21st Century started, more and more attention has been attracted to safety and security and popular needs for them have been diversified.

HOCHIKI CORPORATION has developed and continues to develop those products and systems that contribute to the society and are expanding business both Japan and abroad.

Not restricted to the business for preventing disaster damage, HOCHIKI CORPORATION is a comprehensive corporation that integrally engages in a wide range of business fields covering from basic research, experiments, and system and product development to product designing and manufacturing, system designing and installation, and maintenance and commissioning.

that installed a fire alarm system for the first time in Japan.

Since 1920 when it was installed at Nihonbashi, Tokyo,
it has been widely diffused throughout Japan,
covering the Imperial Palace, the parliament, schools, and hospitals.

HOCHIKI CORPORATION is engaged in all-around business activities, covering from R&D, manufacturing and sales, and consulting and engineering to design and maintenance.


Main Business Activities (in Japan only)


Fire Alarm Systems

Automatic fire alarm system
Emergency alarm system
Gas leakage and fire alarm system
Wireless fire alarm system
Apartment house automatic fire alarm system
Automated dialer to fire station
High sensitivity aspirating smoke detection system
Residential use smoke alarm
Residential fire and gas leakage combined detector

Smoke Control Systems


Fire-Extinguishing Systems

Sprinklers system
Apartment house sprinkler system
Discharged type sprinkler system
Indoor and outdoor fire hydrants
Conneted water supply system
Drencher system
Foam fire extinguishing system
Gas type extinguishing system
Dry chemical extinguishing system
Automatic extinguishing system for kitchen
Emergency system for Tunnel
Water screen system

Information and Communication Systems

TV master antenna system
Digital terrestrial broadcasting receiving system
BS/110CS receiving system
Communications satellite broadcasting receiving system
Optical transmission system
Cable TV Announcement broadcasting system
IP fire protection central monitoring system
TV interference prevention system
Relay station transmitters for digital terrestrial broad casting
Indoor light electric system
Broadcast/Intercom/ITV/LAN system
Wireless communication support system
(to Fire department and Police station)

Intelligent Video Systems

Network camera system
Video analyzing system
Forensic search system

Security Systems

Access control system
Intruder detection and alarm system
Key management system
Electrical locks control system



April 2, 1918

Japan’s first fire alarm manufacturer was established under the corporate name of “Tokyo Hochiki Co., Ltd.” at Yurakucho, Kojimachi-ku (now Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo under the investments mainly by life insurance companies.The prospectus tells that the Company has been established for the purpose of “manufacturing fire, theft and other alarms and selling modern fire-fighting machinery.”


April 1920: Installed an MM-type fire alarm for public use at Nihonbashi (Tokyo) for the first time in Japan.

Machida Plant

Head Office

UHF converter

Hochiki America Corporation

Electromagnetic field-measuring vehicle working among high-rise buildings in Shinjuku

Miyagi Plant

Hochiki Europe (U.K.) Limited

Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory

Certificate of Quality System

October 1951: Succeeded in developing an automatic fire detector.
May 1962: Constructed the Machida Plant in Machida City, Tokyo.
July 1963: Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January 1968: Commenced the sales of UHF broadcasting converters.
June 1968: Succeeded in developing an ionization type smoke detector.
November 1968: Constructed a Head office building at Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and moved Head Office there.
March 1969: Constructed the Kakuda Plant (currently called Miyagi Plant) at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture.
November 1971: Established a Representative Office in Los Angeles, USA.
May 1972: Shifted to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July 1972: Revised the corporate name to HOCHIKI CORPORATION.
July 1972: Established our fully owned subsidiary, HOCHIKI AMERICA CORPORATION in USA.
December 1974: Constructed Ibaraki Plant at Yuki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture for exclusively manufacturing electronic devices.
July 1986: Commenced the sales of R-type fire prevention system with Model HRE.
September 1986: Established a Representative Office in London, UK.
January 1991: Constructed the new Miyagi Plant at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture.
December 1991: Established our fully owned subsidiary, HOCHIKI EUROPE (U.K.) LIMITED in the UK.
July 1992: Miyagi Plant acquired the approval under the international standard of quality management system, ISO-9001.
May 1993: Constructed a new Osaka Branch office building at Higashi Osaka City.
December 1995: Constructed the Multipurpose Fire Test Laboratory of the world’s largest scale at Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture (attached to the Miyagi Plant).
June 1996: Commenced the sales of R-type fire prevention system with Model HRI.
June 1997: Established the Singapore Branch Office as bridgehead of sales activities in Southeast Asia by reinforcing the Representative Office (established in June 1995).
April 1998: Commemorated the 80th anniversary.
June 1998: Acquired the Certificate of Quality Management System for our fire prevention system by Public Safety Bureau, Chinese Government.
March 1999: Commenced the sales of a residential building fire alarm system, “SV System”, not requiring emergency power source.
August 1999: Machida Plant acquired the approval under the ISO-9001.
July 2001: Established a Representative Office at Beijing, China.
October 2001: Our Special Disaster Preventive Dept. acquired the approval under the ISO-9001.
December 2001: Machida Plant acquired the approval under the ISO-14001.
February 2006: Established our fully owned subsidiary, HOCHIKI FIRE PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION in China.


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